SQL Saturday #285 Atlanta


Quick ‘thank you’ to all those dedicated lovers of SSAS tabular who attended my session – 20 Minute Tabular Model – at 8:15am at SQL Saturday #285. The slides were posted to the SQL Saturday site shortly after the presentation. And here’s the link again to the references page for the session. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions.

Below are a couple of memorable notes from the day (in no particular order)…

  • Richie Rump (b | t) is probably one of the most dynamic and engaging presenters I’ve see in the SQL Server community – great sense of humor. He seems to hate on DBAs and Developers with equal passion – but there’s a special place in hell for us BI folks (at least that was my read).
  • Interesting story about how data mining guru, Mark Tab (b | t) was asked to pay to attend a PASS BAC pre-con session. Which wouldn’t be so interesting if not for the fact that he is one of the presenters of said pre-con.
  • Great presentation by Julie Smith (b | t) and Rob Volk (b | t) on Power Query. Dear god this technology is powerful and I can’t wait until the M language can be used in SSIS for enterprise ETL solutions.
  • I’ve followed his blog for quite a while now, but seeing Jason Thomas (b | t) work his SSRS magic in person was awesome!

Perhaps I’m biased, but Atlanta continues to put on one of the best SQL Saturdays I attend each year! Hopefully, everyone learned something – I know I did.

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