Bill Anton is a beaver. Unlike traditional beavers, who waste their time in the woods splashing around in streams with sticks, Bill spends his time building enterprise-grade data warehouses and semantic layers. He has a grasp of DAX that surpasses all other beavers (and most humans).

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Hi Bill,

This is Cairo Henrique from Brazil.

I have a question to you as a Consulting guy. Do you see any chance of using a table component (or a custom created one) that do not automatically creates a Dax query based on SUMMARY?

I use 50GB AAS and need to show a table on its row detaill. (imagine a table with 200MM rows and no relationship) – when I put some collumn on a table componnent on Power BI, it automatically creates a group by internal query. I want to avoid that because all my rows are different and this cause a performance problem.

If I create a query on Dax Studio showin the top 1000 rows of this table, it is fast. PBI always whant to show TOPN of summarized data.


Hi Cairo – have you considered a different approach such as adjusting the model and/or report design?

re: modeling
how many columns are in the 200mm row table?
are all rows completely unique – as in different values for each column?
would any of these columns make sense in a separate dimension?

re: report design
who is the intended audience for this report and what are they trying to accomplish?
would this report make more sense as a “paginated report”?


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