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The Ultimate Time-Intelligence Pattern

Much like the pieces on a chess board – to the novice, they represent individual units with different capabilities. Over time (or so I’m told) as experience is gained through tournaments and deliberate practice, the view of the novice expands to the point where the student stops seeing “individual pieces” and starts seeing “setups & […]

Power BI Time-Intelligence: Beyond the Basics

Quick note to the Power BI developers looking to up their DAX game… I’ll be presenting a new session – Power BI Time-Intelligence: Beyond the Basics – to the following user groups… Baltimore SQL Server Users Group April 20, 2020 | Details Atlanta BI SQL Server Users Group May 4, 2020 | Details …if you […]

Free Tableau to Power BI Conversion

Earlier this week, Gartner released the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms and (unsurprisingly) Microsoft dominated the competition. This also marks the 13th year, Microsoft has been positioned in the leaders quadrant (upper-right). To celebrate the win and continued dominance in this space, I’m giving away a some free consulting dollars (up to […]

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