Agile Fail: Funny User Story Edition

If you’ve ever worked on an “Agile” project, chances are you’ve come across some hilariously written user stories…perhaps even some that were so ridiculous you started questioning the string of choices and decisions you’d made that ultimately led you to being involved with this project in the first place.

"scream and shout" by Mindaugas Danys
“scream and shout” by Mindaugas Danys

Don’t be afraid and don’t be ashamed – you are NOT alone!

This survey is your opportunity to share in the laughs, tears, and misery that we’ve all experienced at one time or another when working on an “Agile” project at a client that just didn’t quite understand the purpose of a User Story. Consider it a form of internet therapy!

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Results will be shared at PASS Summit 2016!

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