Atlanta Modern Excel User Group

Recently, I was approached by a colleague, Damu Venkatesan (@vdamu), to help manage a new user group: Atlanta Modern Excel User Group. I told him I was flattered but not quite sure how I could contribute other than helping out with the basic administrative responsibilities as I don’t consider myself an Excel “Power User”… I know what a pivot table is and can fumble my way through various charts and layouts, but the days of hardcore INDEX/MATCH over VLOOKUP waved bye bye nearly a decade ago when I started focusing on Microsoft BI.

Fortunately, Damu, who also specializes in Microsoft BI and is a regular in the SQL community, was persistent and reassured me that there were very strong ties between the two (BI development and Excel) and challenged me to help him (and another colleague, Neal Waterstreet) get this message out to the masses … he also bribed me with extra beer tickets at a SQL Saturday event… how could I refuse!

That was over 2 months ago and since then we’ve already had two outstanding presentations and have another one coming up later this month (July 20):

So whether you live in Atlanta or are just passing through… if you use Excel (for any purpose) and want to talk shop with a group of like-minded people… or if you just like FREE pizza… go ahead and join the Atlanta Modern Excel User Group’s meetup group. See you there!

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