SQL Saturday #392 – Atlanta, GA

SQLSaturdayIn just 5 short days, SQL Saturday #392 will be coming to town and I couldn’t be more excited!

SQL Saturday Atlanta has a special place in my heart as it was here …back in 2011, while attending my very first SQLSaturday… that I made up my mind and decided to become a consultant. The buzz in the air that day was so invigorating…folks like you and me, discussing problems we’ve encountered, offering solutions we used successfully, or lessons we’d learned the hard way. It was such a great day, I simply couldn’t think of anything I’d rather being doing 40+ hours/week.

So whether you’re looking to advance your existing skillset, network with other data-geeks, meet some of the best local consulting companies, or simply have a chance to win some solid schwagg in the raffle at the end of the day…SQL Saturday #392 is the place to be on Saturday May 16, 2015… so Register Now

20-Minute Tabular

For those interested in BI, especially the type of BI involving SSAS, I’ll be presenting a session at 10:45am called 20-Minute Tabular. If you’re interested in understanding how this technology fits into the Microsoft BI stack, tradeoffs between it and its older slightly more mature brother SSAS-Multidimensional, or just generally looking for guidance on where to start getting your feet wet, then this session is definitely for you.

Got specific questions? I’ll be happy to discuss and answer during (and/or after) the session…talking shop is high up on my list of favorite things to do 😉


One last thing to mention is the “Pre-Cons”. For those looking for a more intimate, hands-on learning experience, these training sessions occur the Friday before SQL Saturday (so May 15, 2015) and are a tremendous value…

  1. a full day of training
  2. by industry experts
  3. for $150
  4. *AND* you get to miss a day of work?

What’s not to love?

Below is the complete list for this coming Friday and there is still time to sign up…


Personally, I’ll be attending Brian Moran’s (b | t) pre-con as I’m interested in learning a few more Secrets of Independent Consulting.

Haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?

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