Speaking at SQL Saturday #320 – Raleigh, NC

I know, I know… a terrible lack of content here over the past 2 months. Work has been crazy busy since July (read: 65+ hr weeks) and culminated in a (mostly) disconnected and work-free vacation with my favorite wife involving an in-no-hurry drive up the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to San Francisco to celebrate our 6yr wedding anniversary.

While, I don’t feel guilty as it was a much needed escape, I do feel anxious to get back to playing in the lab (OLAP Farm in the Cloud w/ Azure VMs, Azure Machine Learning), working through my data science study plan, and sharing knowledge I’m continuing to pick up on this amazing journey that is Microsoft Business Intelligence. Unfortunately, we’re still going balls-out at my primary client trying to hit a tight deadline so these things will need to wait a bit longer.

In the meantime, if you want to catch up and talk shop – love talking shop btw – I’ll be speaking at SQL Saturday #320 in Raleigh, NC which is only an hour away from my old stomping grounds of Greensboro, NC. Come check out my presentation on Analysis Services Tabular for beginners or any of the other great content being delivered…for FREE… on Saturday 9/6/2014.

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