Presenting @ SQL Saturday Nashville

I recently received confirmation that I have been selected to speak at SQL Saturday Nashville on 1/18/2013. This will be my second SQL Saturday speaking engagement and just like the first I’m completely surprised and totally honored to be selected.

I’ll be delivering a session just before lunch focusing on the tabular model:

The 20-Minute Tabular Model
The Tabular model is the new kid on the block in Analysis Services 2012. Based on xVelocity, a new highly compressed in-memory technology, Tabular models promise considerable performance improvements over Multidimensional models in many scenarios. But, as is the case with any new technology, there are certain limitations of which to be aware. Join me in this introductory-level session focusing on how Tabular fits into the Microsoft BI stack, the major factors to consider when choosing between Tabular and Multidimensional technologies, and finally a live demo where we’ll build a basic Tabular model in visual studio.

If you are attending the event, don’t be a stranger 😉

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