2013 Year End Review: Leveling Up

Those who regularly follow this blog may have noticed a sudden drop off in content over the past two months. Without going into the details, work picked up substantially and left me very short on free-time. Additionally, I’ve been spending a lot of time on a few side-projects that should be finishing up shortly at which time I will be sharing on this blog.

Leveling Up

The theme for 2013 is without a doubt “leveling up” – a reference to Brent Ozar’s (b | t) epic life quest series of blog posts (here and here).

Life-Related Milestones:

  • bought a new home
  • completed a bathroom renovation – that nearly killed me
  • became a landlord
  • ate a (mostly) pescatarian diet – definitely a few bbq and burger binges here and there
  • consistently attended yoga classes – can’t recommend yoga enough; love it
  • got back into running and have started training for my first half-marathon in March 2014

Work-Related Milestones:

Life-Related Goals for 2014

Life is pretty darn good right now – my wife plays a large role in that department by looking out for my health (both physically and mentally) on top of killing it at her own career as a corporate badass. So the plan for 2014 is to “keep doing what your doing”…

  • continue yoga & running routine
  • complete half-marathon
  • complete tough mudder
  • trip to SF/Napa to see friends and drink wine
  • continue attending live music whenever possible

Work-Related Goals for 2014

If the theme from the 2013 reading list (above) wasn’t clear, I’ve decided to focus on SSAS as a specialization since I continue to find it to be the most interesting piece of the Microsoft BI stack. In fact, my current project is very SSAS/MDX intensive and I’m loving it.

Final Thoughts

Based on the goals set for 2013 (end of this blog post) I’d rate this as a fairly successful year. Admittedly, I didn’t achieve everything I set out to…

  • juicing every day
  • trip to thailand
  • reading list
  • number of speaking engagements

…but then again, a lot of unexpected changes occurred early on in 2013 and priorities shifted a bit. I’m now looking forward to maintaining the current trajectory on both sides of the work-life equation 🙂

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