SQL Server 2012 Certification Path Completed

This past weekend, I passed the 70-462 exam which completes the requirements for achieving the MCSE Business Intelligence certification.  This exam had been lingering for quite some time and I continued to put it off because, to be completely honest, I just don’t find the material as interesting and would prefer spending my free time digging deeper into SSAS and Hadoop 😉


This was by far the most difficult exam for me since it was mostly focused on material which I, as  BI developer, rarely deal with on a day to day basis.  It was also the most beneficial exam for me because it forced me to wrap my head around concepts before which I’d only scratched the surface.  To put it another way, I actually had to study and learn for this one…while the rest of the exams were simply review.

For example, before this exam, I’d only understood AlwaysOn Availability Groups from a feature level…but I’d never actually created one and performed a backup off of the active secondary.  Same with TDE – I can now say that I’ve migrated an encrypted database from one instance to another.  Mirroring, check.  Replication, check.  Backup and recovery options, check check.  This exam forced me to finally setup a lab environment and run through a variety of build-break-fix scenarios until things clicked…which by the way was the perfect excuse to buy more RAM for my laptop 😉

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Am I ready to architect a complex production database environment…no, of course not.  Am I capable of having a detailed discussion with a DBA regarding index maintenance, statistics, partitioning, and recovery models for the various databases in the client’s environment…hell yes!

3 replies on “SQL Server 2012 Certification Path Completed”

Congratulations, Bill. I count my blessings that I earned my MCSE way, way back in 1994 when the world was far more complicated. There was some glory in being a Charter Member, the first graduating class, ever, alleged 87 worldwide.

However, as the saying goes, “all fame is fleeting” and the Expiration Beavers nibble away at your legacy with great enthusiasm.

I strongly considered re-upping for the BI variant, but as you pointed out, there are so many “other” topics and subject areas included in the certification, that an experienced practitioner would never use in real life, nor would they ever attain a level of expertise that practitioners in those areas already possessed.

In my case, maybe a convenient excuse to avoid the hard work

However, what I do know is that one cannot be an expert in everything, but you can make friends in selected areas. Glad to have found BYOBI.


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