Speaking @SQLSaturday #237 – Charlotte BI Edition


This weekend the selections for speakers @ SQLSaturday #237 (Charlotte BI Edition) went out and guess who made the cut – your’s truly!

Excited is an understatement…this will be my first time presenting at a SQLSaturday *period* and I am totally honored to have my presentation submission selected:

The 20-Minute Tabular Model
It’s a beginner level session where I’ll introduce the Tabular model, compare it to it’s older cousin – the Multidimensional model, and then we’ll dive right into visual studio and bang out a quick Tabular model to help familiarize everyone with the development process.

The event is scheduled for Saturday 10/19 – which is right on the heels of PASS Summit 2013 (10/16 – 10/18) – so there will be a lot of big names in town dropping some serious knowledge so I encourage you to stop in and absorb all you can.

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