Putting the Suitcase Away (for now)

Over the course of the last 8 months, I’ve had the pleasure of working with an insanely talented team on a bad-ass project that will provide tremendous value to one of the client’s major lines of business.  During this time I learned a ton about database development, column-store indexing, sql service broker, team foundation server, negotiating communicating with product owners and app-developers and the agile software development process.

I also learned a good bit about traveling:

220,000 – Marriott rewards points

50,000 – Delta Skymiles

189 – coffees from starbucks

128 – mornings I woke up in a hotel bed away from home

58 – flights…and, coincidentally, the number of times I cursed the ridiculousness of not being able to leave my tablet on during takeoff and landing

32 – times I enjoyed dinner with my parents…as luck would have it, the client site was located 20 minutes from my hometown

14 – times I awoke in a panic second-guessing yesterday’s design decisions

8 – audio-books

6 – book-books

3 – free upgrades to first class

2 – missing or otherwise unrecovered toiletry bags…either left at the hotel or at airport security area

1 – lost suitcase…which was returned to the airport a few days later

It was an incredible adventure and I am better/stronger from having experienced it…but 8 months is a longggg time and traveling each week was really starting to put strain on my life outside work.  So while on one hand I’m sad to be rolling off the project, on the other hand I’m quite excited about starting a new gig with new challenges … and the best part is that I’ll be working from home 😉

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