All Your *Books* Are Belong To Us…

This year I plowed through a ton of books…more so than in all prior years.  This is primarily due to the amount of work-travel…way too much…which left me with a lot of time to read (on planes, in airports, in hotels, etc).  At this point in my life, all of my reading is work-related…I listen to audio books for pleasure.

Quite a bit of it was dealing with new knowledge acquisition while the rest was more about consolidation (with the base).  This is actually a pretty important concept to which I was first introduced in a book called The Social Animal. Basically, the idea is to start with a base, branch out into some new material, and then consolidate the two in order to grow the base…rinse-repeat…

Below is a list in chronological order…

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008: Database Development
    Final preparation for the 70-433 exam to make sure I’d covered my bases
  • SQL Server MVP Deep Dives – Volume 2
    I really *really* enjoy the style of these books…short passages on specific topics by experts. My recommendation is to re-read relevant passages from time to time to see how your understanding of the major points/concepts changes over time.
  • Introducing SQL Server 2012
    This book was released early in 2012 and was a nice/quick way to ramp up on the new features in SQL 2012. I only the second half covering BI by Stacia Misner.
  • Pro SQL Server 2008 Service Broker
    This was an outstanding book that really changed the way I look at SQL Server and application (service-oriented) architecture. It was recommended by a brilliant architect (Jonathan MacCollum) on the project I worked on for most of 2012 in which service broker was heavily utilized.
  • Data Warehouse Toolkit
    I’m DW-guy…this is my bible…I reread it almost every year
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Master Data Services
    This was in preparation for the 70-463 exam which I passed earlier this year. I’m looking forward to leveraging MDS in a future project because I’ve seen over and over again the problems that result from having a poor master data management solution.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Integration Services
    excellent coverage of the new features in SSIS 2012 as well as the changes to the architecture…not for beginners.
  • Business Metadata: Capturing Enterprise Knowledge
    pretty good coverage of metadata data management…challenges and benefits…but overly verbose.  The idea of metadata management at the enterprise-level is becoming more and more important and the gap in the Microsoft BI stack is becoming more and more obvious 😦

And here is a list of books that I started but didn’t get a chance to finish for one reason or another…


title reference: All your base are belong to us

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