MDS Update Required After SQL 2012 SP1 Installation

Earlier this month I installed SQL Server 2012 SP1 in my development environment.  But, unfortunately, I had to split before spending any time checking out the changes.

Fast forward to this morning.  As I was firing up the MDS gui to try and reproduce an issue on the MSDN forum, I was greeted with the following message:

The client version is incompatible with the database version. Ask your administrator to upgrade the client components, the database components, or both. Run the Master Data Services Configuration Manager on the server for more information.

click to enlarge

Thankfully, the Kagan Arca put up a detailed blog post covering the necessary steps (with screenshots) to resolve this issue and get the MDS database upgraded to a compatible version.  DQS updates (which I was also unaware of) are also covered in that post.

Basically, you just need to open up Master Data Services Configuration Manager and hit the [Upgrade Database…] button on the database tab:

click to enlarge

…and voila, I’m now able to login via the MDS web application:

click to enlarge

There also appears to be a new version of the MDS Excel Add-in for SQL Server 2012 SP1 available (download) so might as well knock that out too!

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