System Upgrade: SSD + Windows 8 Pro

Warning: this post is mainly just fluff to let all five of my readers know that I haven’t forgotten about them. There are a lot of unfinished posts in the drafts folder that I plan on churning out over the coming weeks as we head into the end of the year…so stay tuned!

A few weeks ago, I purchased a SSD hard drive off amazon to use in my laptop.  And finally, after what seemed like months of waiting, I was able to steal enough time from work/life to install that bad boy and upgrade my system to Windows 8 Pro.  So far, I love the new setup. The OS is extremely responsive – the impact of this single hardware upgrade is more noticeable than any other I’ve ever experienced by quite a margin.  And thank goodness for that, because the learning curve between Windows 7 and Windows 8 steeper than usual … and having a new (feeling) system was like a spoonful of sugar.

Windows 8 is clearly designed for touch panel displays…I state this with confidence because still, even after a week of exclusive use, I find myself wanting to reach out and touch the LCD panel on my laptop to launch apps like its a tablet surface or iphone windows phone galaxy S3.  However, touch display technology still has quite a ways to go (mostly from a price perspective) until it gets to a point that can support widespread adoption.  So until then, better start making friends with the windows key and start learning the keyboard shortcuts necessary to navigate this OS… because your other option is to drag the cursor into one of the corners of the display which is absolutely ridiculous from a UX perspective.

On the upside, this OS positions Microsoft well for the coming era where we start to see the merger of tablet device and laptop in the corporate work place…which, in case you forgot, is still Microsoft’s stomping grounds.

PS: quick shout out to my boy, Hyper-V.  Due to the nature of my work, I spend a lot of time working with virtual environments (mostly Sharepoint + SQL Server).  And prior to Windows 8, I was forced to choose between using 3rd party software (VMWare or VirtualBox) or running Windows Server as the base OS in order to use Hyper-V.  And since I absolutely refused to run Windows Server (or any other server OS) as the base OS on my daily laptop (trust me, not worth all the gumption traps) … I was stuck using VMWare Player (because I’m too cheap to purchase Workstation).  Thankfully, Windows 8 supports Hyper-V and I can now use it to manage my virtual environments…which by the way, run like a hot knife through butter on this new SSD.

PPS: For any hardware geeks, here’s the quick run down on my current setup…

CPU: 2.2 GHz i7
Drive 1: 128GB SSD
Drive 2: 300GB 7200rpm

It’s not top of the line, but it gets the job done …for now  😉

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